About us

Welcome to the FatCatArt online shop. FatCatArt or Great Artist’s Mews is a project by the artist Svetlana Petrova and Zarathustra the Cat. Here you can buy their artworks: canvas prints, posters, originals, and much more.


All works of the FatCatArt project are pieces by the artist Svetlana Petrova who remakes famous paintings with images of her model and Muse, or better Mews, Zarathustra the Cat. The artworks are created on the computer as digital multi-layered high-resolution image files, with sizes up to 2 GB each. Then the artist recreates them in real life as original oil paintings or reproduces them as prints on canvas or paper.

At our shop you can purchase the following kinds of the artworks by FatCatArt project:

Art for everybody:

Printed art with affordable prices for your joy, or as gifts to your friends and family

Canvas fine art prints are the reproductions of the original Fat Cat Art pieces, manufactured under the strict supervision of the artist and certified by a special stamp. Open edition, They are printed on museum-quality, 400 g/m natural cotton canvas, with natural pigment archival ink. Our canvas prints look very similar to real paintings
Posters are the reproductions of the original Fat Cat Art pieces, printed under the strict supervision of the artist on a special 235 gsm matte paper, using Epson Ultrachrome natural pigment inks. The life expectancy of colors of these inks is over 100 years before noticeable fading in a typical home display.
Certified by the FatCatArt emboss stamp on the margin. Posters are a high-quality and budget-friendly alternative to fine art canvas prints.
Fat Cat Art jigsaw puzzles feature famous paintings improved by Zarathustra the Cat in two sizes, 500 and 1000 pieces. Puzzles are supplied in a premium metal tin with a print on the lid, so you get two items in one, a puzzle, and a treasure box!
The FatCatArt wall Calendar contains 12 pages (one for each month) and a cover, all with different famous paintings improved by Zarathustra the Cat. It is a collection of 12 posters under one colorful cover, which allows you to change your wall decoration every month!

You can also find here links to buy the book by Svetlana Petrova & Zarathustra the Cat “FAT CAT ART: Famous Masterpieces Improved by a Ginger Cat with Attitude” published by Penguin Random House (USA) in English, and translated into Chinese, Japanese, Korean languages, and the FatCatArt Memory Game

We offer you as well fashion clothes and stylish home decoration with Fat Cat Art images, produced by us and our partners, with delivery from Europe and USA.

Fine art for galleries, museums, and art collectors

Originals for art collectors, museums, and galleries: unique art pieces that are rare and involve a lot of manual work by the artist.
Svetlana Petrova is an established and known artist taking part in personal and group art exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the world. Here you can find original art on sale directly at our shop, or at galleries with whom the artist works.

Originals are:

Oil paintings: the artist herself paints oil on canvas her digitally conceived image in the style of great masters, using historical materials, adding unique details to it according to her imagination. These pieces are unique and rare. Even if the artist paints the same subject, as Leonardo’s Mona Lisa with her cat Zarathustra, every painting differs in details and becomes a unique piece of art. Svetlana creates oil paintings on her own inspiration or on demand
Mixed media are artworks that combine printing and painting. Original digital pieces are printed on natural linen canvas as used for paintings. Then the artist finishes them manually with a brush, applying texture gels and oil colors. Thus the resulting work looks like a real historical painting, even in texture and color, and it seems that a master of the past really painted Zarathustra the Cat in it.
A limited edition is a series of art prints that are limited in number. Our edition sizes vary is 8. The artist creates an original digital file for each edition, which varies in detail from the file used for printing reproductions (canvas prints and posters). Once the edition is sold out, the artist destroys the file and new prints of this image will not be produced ever again, and the printed series become rare.
Lenticular printing is a hi-end technology to produce printed images with the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles. The technology is very complicated and needs special software, materials, and a lot of work to be successful. Lenticular prints come in limited editions. The production of the edition of 8 may take several months. The result is stunning: lenticular prints look like “magic paintings” from Harry Potter books in real life.


The shop is established to support our nonprofit art project: to fund our further investigations in digital art, and to organize exhibitions of FatCatArt

A portion of the proceeds from our shop goes to charity, as we always help homeless cats.
We also donate our artworks for charity exhibitions and auctions to help animals, as well as humans with serious illnesses.

At the photo: Zarathustra the Cat with a framed print and  2cats-2dollars bills for charity action held together with Hank the Cat for Senate.